Payment methods – INSTADEBIT

INSTADEBIT is a safe and quick way to make secure payments online, directly from your bank account. It offers free registration, instant activation, ease of use and peace of mind, as merchants using this service don’t have access to your personal details online. The service is operational since 2003, and is used by thousands of online merchants and online casino and poker room operators all over the world.

INSTADEBIT has a feature that makes it really useful for online payments – it offers real time deposits for selected countries, and local bank transfer services for even more, including Australia, Uruguay, the UK and several european countries.

INSTADEBIT offers fast and secure services, completing transactions immediately wherever the option is available as simply as introducing an email address and a password. It’s simple to set up – you can start using your INSTADEBIT account in a matter of minutes – all you need is a valid bank account. Unlike in case of credit cards, INSTADEBIT doesn’t charge interest on your payments, and no charges are applied to merchant transactions either.

Using INSTADEBIT online is like using an extension of your own bank account for online payments – in certain countries INSTADEBIT can withdraw funds directly from your bank account, so you won’t have to ‘upload’ your funds in advance.

INSTADEBIT is a secure way to handle your online payments – it acts like a buffer between your bank account and the online merchants, or – in our case – the online casino or online poker room of your choice. All you need to use its services is a valid bank account. You don’t even have to sign up in advanced for choosing this payment option – you can fill out your details when initiating your first transaction.

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Realtime Gaming software review

Online casinos usually have an appealing name, an attractive design and fabulous bonuses that attract gamblers from all over the world. There is an aspect of the online casino experience that is maybe the most important, but mostly unknown to the player: the casino software used. Let’s see which software companies are responsible for our exciting and reliable online gambling experience.

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Realtime Gaming is a software developer responsible for the downloadable online casino software licensed under the same name. It was established in Atlanta (USA) in 1998, but later moved to Costa Rica.

Realtime Gaming online casino software is used by a series of online casinos, including some of the most established and trustworthy ones. It is known for its high quality online gaming environment, its expertise with backroom management, with real-time transaction and play tracking, and good customer service.

Realtime Gaming casino software is fast, realiable and realistic. It creates a highly entertaining environment for online casino players. The software is easy to download and install, and easy to use. Their lobby provides all necessary information necessary to players for making a decision on what to play, including minimum bets, maximum bets and game rules. The cashier is clearly marked in the lobby, so players can make transactions – withdrawals and deposits – quickly and easily. Also, they can review their transaction history.

The Realtime Gaming package includes a 128 bit encryption technology that allows players and operators to proceed with their transactions securely.

Realtime Gaming also offers solutions for online poker rooms, with attractive and realistic graphics, fast-paced gaming and increased reliability.

The Realtime Gaming platform is considered one of the fastest software of this kind available. It is available either as a downloadable package, or as a Flash application playable directly in browser windows. It offers a huge selection of the most popular poker games, including roulette, blackjack, several other table games, video poker and several types of video slots. It also offers mini games playable in separate windows for simultaneous gaming.

The software allows players to effectively control game speed and levels of sound and music for the optimum gaming experience.

Realtime Gaming’s software is tested and approved by several testing bodies, including Technical System Testing (TST), a company that offers rigurous and extensive testing of software products.

Online casinos running on Realtime Gaming software include Casino Titan, WinPalace Casino, and several other reliable and popular establishments from all over theinternet.

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Roulette: What is an inside bet?

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games available around the world – according to some statistics, it occupies the third place in the top 10 most popular games in online casinos. The truth is there is no casino – online or otherwise – that doesn’t have at least one roulette table. In some jurisdictions, though, roulette is banned – in these locations video roulette terminals are used instead.

There are two basic bets a player can place when playing roulette – inside bets and outside bets. These two types of bets are differentiated by their location. The roulette table has a specific layout. The ‘inside’ of the layout is the area where the single numbers are located. This area is surrounded by places where the other bets can be placed. These are located outside the single number area of the table, this is why bets placed on these are called ‘outside’ bets.

Another important difference between the two is that the inside bets have bigger payouts, and are considered less safe than the outside bets, with lower payouts. But let’s take a closer look.

The inside bets can be different, depending on how many numbers they involve. A single bet or a straight bet is a bet placed on a single number. This is the bet with the highest payout in roulette – it usually pays 35 to 1. The bet placed on two adjacent numbers is called a split bet, and the one placed on three numbers in a row is a street bet. A bet can also be placed on four numbers in a square, by placing the chips on the intersection of the four numbers. This is called a corner bet.

The outside bets are considered to be ‘safer’ – as safe as any bet can be. These bets have a higher chance of being successful, but their payouts are also lower. Players have the possibility to bet on the next number to be red or black (rouge or noir), odd or even, or high or low. Also, the players can bet on columns of numbers on the inside of the table (12 numbers for each column), or on dozens of numbers (first, second or third dozen, or 12 numbers on the wheel). Players also have the possibility to bet on zero and double zero (American layout only). These bets pay 35 to 1.

There is another type of bets that can be played at the roulette table – the announced bets. In this case the bets are placed according to specific rules, on different sections of the wheel. The announced bets are a kind of grouped bets – they consist of a series of single and split bets placed on numbers according to the respective section of the wheel.

Betting in roulette is not as complicated as it sounds, but it takes some time to learn what the odds and payouts of each one are.

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